Latest News – My collection of short stories is out now. Saving Spike and other stories is available from Amazon and other online retailers in paperback and e-book.Saving Spike cover for advertising

I’ve flipped back and forth between  writing and  academia throughout my working life. These days, I manage the two together as a part-time creative writer and part-time academic, working for The Open University. These two half-worlds often overlap in unexpected ways.

This site is mostly about my life as a creative writer with pages of boasting about what has been published or performed. And of course, what self-respecting writer these days doesn’t have a blog. Sometimes memoir, sometimes essay, sometimes art review, I write about books, writers and writing, language and political activism.Paola 2016

The writing career highlights – my short stories have been published in several  literary magazines and some of my stage plays have been professionally performed with the support of Arts Council England. Taking a break from scriptwriting, I find myself writing more and more essays. One of these was shortlisted by Wasafiri Magazine for their Life Writing Competition 2014 and a couple have found their way into literary magazines. Of course, there are a couple of novels. In truth, my third and fourth novels – the first two were never published and now seem like distant relatives long dead.  The completed third and fourth novels have had sample chapters to agents and small publishers. Just a couple of positive nibbles, but no fish have bitten yet.

As a linguist, I’ve authored four textbooks, including Digital Textuality (2015, Palgrave Macmillan), and I’ve had my research published in several books and journals. I’m on the editorial boards of Open Learning and The Journal of Interactive Media in Education. I’m also a regular contributor to the Literary Encyclopedia, writing on literary and linguistic topics.