Short Stories

I love the compactness, the intensity of short stories. My story ‘Native Speaker 2’ appears in the Sept/Oct/Nov 2021 issue of Mslexia.  

I have recently put together a collection of some stories that have been published, but are mostly out of print, along a few that were shortlisted in competitions, but never published. Saving Spike and other stories is available in paperback and e-book from Amazon.

Other Published Short Stories:

‘New Shoes’ appears on The Creative Process website with an illustration by awarding-winner artist Mia Funk. To read the story, click here.



mslexia-march2017‘The Scent of Oranges’ appears in the Mar/Apr/May 2017 issue of Mslexia.

My story ‘Makja and Sina’ is part of The Creative Process website. Read it here. Read my blog entry about what inspired me to write this story here


In 100 Voices 1, Anthology 2016 (Centum Press), you’ll find my short story ‘Saving Spike.’

Other stories have been published in Gargoyle UK (online/no longer available), Ink, Sweat and Tears (read here), Keystrokes (2008) Lamport Court (2005)  Fire (2001) Sister (1989).

Lamport Court 001

Sister 001.jpg